Examinations Office

Important - Please Note:


The College Exams Booklet (link below) contains important information regarding key aspects of the way in which examinations are conducted at Xaverian. It includes, but is not limited to, information about:

  • Start and finish times
  • Lunchtime and overnight supervision
  • What to do if you are late for an examination
  • What happens if you miss an examination
  • Special consideration
  • Required and prohibited materials
  • Conduct when in an examination
  • Malpractice
  • Fire safety
  • Results and post-examination procedures
It is essential that you read this booklet carefully prior to the commencement of your examinations.

You will also find links below to several JCQ documents. These also contain important information regarding the rules and regulations which apply to examinations.

These must also be read carefully prior to the commencement of your examinations.

College Exams Booklet

Information for Candidates about Non Examination Assessments

Information for Candidates about On Screen Tests

Information for Candidates about Written Exams

Information about the use of Mobile Phones

Warning to Candidates

Privacy Notice

Information about Social Media

Policies and procedures

Details of College policies and procedures relating to the following are available on request from the Examinations Department at: exams@xaverian.ac.uk

  • Reviews of marking
  • Reviews of moderation
  • Candidates’ requests for access to scripts
  • Clerical re-checks
  • Internal appeals including:
    • A centre decision not to support a clerical recheck; a centre decision not to support a review of marking; a centre decision not to support a review of moderation; centre decisions relating to access arrangements; centre decisions relating to special consideration; and centre decisions relating to other relevant administrative issues.
  • Appeals to the awarding body
  • General complaints